Thursday, April 12, 2007

Techos de Mexico Rentals

Techos de Mexico is a program developed by in Chacala by Jose Enrique De Valle (owner of Majahua), about eight years ago. This program helps local families develop a stable source of income by offering construction loans and volunteer building help to create family-run rental units near or on top of the family home. There are currently eight home owners with about 12 rental units. All are well-built, with screened windows, with glass, hot water showers, fans, tiled floors, security windows, and steel doors and two double beds. Some units have kitchens and most have patios or terraces. They are located all over town and are easy to identify by Techo de Mexico signs at each house.

Staying at a Techos de Mexico rental unit gives visitors to a chance to spend time with a local family, and to learn some Spanish.

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