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Some of my Favorite Places in Chacala


This is a list of some of my favorite places in Chacala.
I think it only includes places owned by people who live in Chacala.
It is not a complete Chacala resident-owned businesses list.
It includes the places I like to go to the most. Or the people I enjoy the most.

Cundo's/Chacala Van Service offers pick-ups and returns to the PV airport, day trips to various towns in the area (Tepic, Guadalajara, San Blas, Sayulita, Mexicalitan, etc) and to other places of interest to visitors. His vans are clean and very nice. They are federally licensed, with good insurance coverage. The drivers speak at least some English and are licensed and insured. There is room for lots of luggage and surf boards and have 7 or 8 passengers seats with seat belts.Reservations can be reached by calling 011 52 327 219 4018 or by emailing at Or take a look at a new website, Chacala Escape
Or, from the US, call 011 52 327 219 4018.

Lupe's Massages. Lupe is does wonderful massages in your home. Contact her in person. Her home can be reached by staying on the paved road as you approach Chacala (do NOT turn off at the green "Playa Chacala" sign). When the paved road ends at the large wooden gate, turn left and Lupe's is the fourth home on the right hand side of the dirt road.

Trini's Escuela de Espanol (Spanish Immersion Program)
offers group or individual Spanish instruction using an immersion model, which works well in Chacala, where there are few English speakers.
Trini has been teaching Spanish for more than fourteen years, and makes learning Spanish comfortable and not intimidating. Trini can be reached at or
by calling
from the US 011 52 327 219 4018.
Or go to Trini's Escuela de Espanol

Majahua Resort (Small Hotel, Spa, and Gourmet Restaurant)Majahua is a small hotel, five units, located above the south end of Playa Chacala. It has an incredible spa, with massages. The spa has waterfalls and hot and cool ponds, and incredible views of the ocean. The gourmet restaurant is open for guests, and by reservation for visitors.

Chacala Tourist Coop offers boat rides, fishing trips, whale/dolphin watching, and exploring isolated beaches. At least two members of the co-op, each with their own boat(s) are available all day, every day, at the small fishing dock (muelle). The dock is located by following the "Captain de al Puerto" signs all over town. You can fish, whale and dolphin watch, go to the surfing beach (Las Caletas) or the next lovely swimming beach to the south (Las Cuevas). You can also buy fish down at the dock, muelle, in the early morning, fresh off the boats.
To contact the Co-op for reservations or more information email call from the US 011 52 327 219 4018. Or go to the Chacala Tourist Coop website

Chico's Restaurant and Bar
serves delicious smoked and grilled fresh-caught fish and other Mexican and seafood dishes. Their new full-service bar offers whatever you want to drink. The palapa restaurant has two levels, one with concrete and the other with sand floors. You can sit at your table and watch your kids play in the water only a few feet away.
Angeles's (and Francisco's) Tiendas.
This family owns two nice tiendas: one on the beach road, right in front of Chico's restaurant and the other up next to the Church.
Aurora and Beto's Techo de Mexico Tourist Rentals Very affordable and about a block and a half to the beach. Aurora is my favorite landlady in Chacala, and her rooms are my favorite rooms. Shady, with flowers, and quieter than other places in Chacala.Cammie's Tourist ShopSarai's Mini-Mart is located right next door to Trini's Escuela de Espanol, and offers some basic food stuff and coke, milk and water. Sarai in very involved around town, particularly with the kinder and with an adult education class for adults in town who never, or hardly ever, went to school. Now has horrible video games for 1 peso a game.

Juan's Tienda, "The Joker"

Food Delivery Services.
There are a number of individuals in Chacala who sell homemade or professionally-made food by walking around town, sometimes with a wheel-barrow, or sometimes driving. There are t bakers, several orange juice makers, coco drink makers, a person who makes delicious apple tarts and small loaves of sweetbread, and various other cooks. Sometimes there are tamales, you never know. Even Concha sells iced juice drinks during holiday periods.

Paolo and Berta's Taco Stand
is right across the street from the driveway into Chico's parking lot. They have a nice little six table restaurant. Very clean, and decorated with a red/white color theme. The tacos are great and you can watch them being cooked. They have a nice sanitary stainless steel setup that I really like.

Daniela's Tourist Shop
There are a number of souvenir shops with clothes and shoes and tourist stuff. Three of them, Cammie's, Ophelia's, and Daniella's are locally owned and operated.

Fonda de Lupa (Restaurant) This is one on the first puestos on the beach road. Good place to get a Coke.
Beach Vendors On weekends and during Christmas and Easter vacation there are usually some beach vendors peddling their wares. Never agressive, almost always cheerful. They have a really hard job.

Sarahi's Hotel and Bar
is about half a block from the beach, right behind the water pumping station. She has eight rental rooms, most with a beach view.Juanita's Tienda is located in the middle of the main "business" block in Chacala. Has most everything and is open early to late. Located right next to Koko Bongo's and across the street from Las Brisas.
Ophelia's Tourist Shop
Ophelia's shop is located at the main intersection on the beach road in Chacala. It
s right next to the bizarro real estate office that looks like a church

Koko Bongo's Restaurant and Pool Hall is painted green this year, and is on the beach road. The wife is a well-trained professional cook, who has a nice clean, organized kitchen to work out of. The five children in the family all work in the restaurant and store, and are very fun to be around and some of them speak English. A very enterprising family.
Jorge's Deposito
Casa Chacala is a two-year old new six-unit hotel in town, with a swimming pool and a very nice shady, plant-filled patio overlooking the pool. Each room has a great view of Chacala. Casa Chacala has two wonderful owners who have become very involved in the town.
Koranee Hardware Store is part of a local chain in the area. The Chacala store is owned and run by local folks. The store is located on the beach road as it head up the hill toward the school.
Mirador Hotel (Chata and Isreal's rentals)Mirador is a six unit building (painted blue) located on the short bluff overlooking the sea, and is part of a family complex filled with trees and flowers. The units vary in size and amenities. The very nicest is a large one bedroom/bath unit with a very nice kitchen located on the covered patio overlooking (about 15 feet from) the ocean. The smallest is a one double bed (which pretty much fills the room) unit with a tiny bath. Clean and well-cared for. Guests can use a large palapa area with hammocks overlooking the water.

Gracias Techos de Mexico Rental
This rental unit is upstairs with patio/kitchen and a large bedroom with bath. Right across form the Church. A very nice family owns this rental, and it's very clean and nice.

Mars Tres Restaurant and Rentals is located two spaces up from Juan's Tienda, on the main road. Right across the street from the beach. Always open, early and late, with delicious tostados, tacos, breakfasts, etc. Good service and very friendly owners. The three new rental units share a large view patio with hammcocks. Very nice units.Lalo's Fish Market located just uphills from Juan's tienda and the Las Glorias Posasa. Open at the time, usually with the radio playing. They clean, weigh, and package your selection from the morning catch right in front of you.
Marcella's Tienda offers snack and alcoholic beverages and refrescos. Located between Juan's tienda and Tres Mars. Victor's Pizza is located here when open for business.

Guicho's Vino's and Licores
Here is one of the local liquor stores. Generally open Sunday and holidays.

Mingo's Restaurant, or Event Place (often has Pozole available, pick up or dine in) on Saturday nights.
Juan Luis's Rentals (part of Concha's rental complex). Brand new very nice units withkitchens on view private patios.
Villa Celeste (on the site of the former Casa Azul)
Villa Celeste has 8 units, and the site overlooks the ocean. Less than a block to the beach. One building is brand new, all units have kitchens, and are air-conditioned.

To find more information about Chacala rentals go to Chacala Vacation Rentals ( or Techos de Mexico. (

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