Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chacala Kinder (garten)

If you are coming to Chacala you might consider bringing some school supplies/play equipment/games for the kindergarten children. There are 6 children in Kinder this year (2007-8).

They are meeting in the new classroom built by several very generous Rotary groups.
The parents pay 20 pesoes each week to the teacher (about $2USD a week) plus some money for supplies and electricity when needed. The parents clean and operate the building. They have worked on the landscaping, painting, and general maintenance.

The Chacala kindergarten is barely supported by the state school system. However, both the Kinder buildings have been built, remodeled, repaired, repainted, plumbed, reroofed and playground equipment installed by volunteers ( often Rotary groups) who are visiting Chacala, who also donate money for materials.

These children do not speak or read English, so, in my opinion, reading materials in English are not particularly useful for this age-group. Almost anything else is: paper, pens, pencils, stickers, white board pens, special little goodies, whatever. A new computer. Games, playground equipment. etc etc.

The Kinder students, and their younger siblings, are so amazing, and so much fun to watch. They are so full of life, and friendly and affectionate. And they love coming to the Kinder. Especially playing on the big play toy, another Rotary gift.
Only a couple of these Chacala kids are Kinder age

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