Monday, October 17, 2005

Chacala Info

This is a photo of the intersection of Highway 200, coming north from Puerto Vallarta, and theroadto Chacala. It's about 9 kileometers form here to the beach.


Chacala is a very small tourist and fishing village on the Pacific coast of Mexico, about 2 hours north of Puerto Vallarta. It is accessible via public transportation during the daylight hours. It has about a dozen restaurants, an internet cafe with satellite hookup ( open weekdays, usually), a beautiful sandy beach without rocks, kinder-grade 8 school facilities, several groceries, tourist shops, a couple of higher-end, small hotels at the south end of the beach (see Mar de Jade and Majahua web sites), and a hardware store.

Other services, such as a bank and ATM, dental and medical care, laundry services, fabric stores, internet places, hair salons, shoes stores, and intercity and interstate bus services, etc are located in Las Varas, about 10 kilometer away via taxi or collectivo.

Coming to Chacala and making a rental arrangement face-to-face is probably the best way to find an affordable, short or long-term rental. And that eliminates any surprises. As a word of warning, very few landladies here speak English. And from early December thru Easter week many places have already been rented, so it's probably better to have a reservation for those periods.

Of course, if you are equipped for it, there is always camping on the beach if you can't find a room.

See Chacala Vacation Rentals, for photos and contact info for almost every rental in Chacala. There are two larger places with there own extensive advertising budgets, so I don't include them here.

Or to Chacala Rentals for photos and contact info for all the locally owned rentals in Chacala

Techos de Mexico is a local organization that helps local families build nice and inexpensive tourist rental units.
The units are cleaned daily, with clean linens on request, but generally weekly (but generally not for montly rentals).
They have private entrances, with tiled floors and baths with hot water showers.
The construction is funded with co-op loans and partly built by volunteers.
Some Techos units have kitchens and most have patios or terraces.
All have glass windows with screens. Most units have two double beds.

For more information about Techos de Mexico rentals and photos check out their website

Monthly and Long Term Rentalst
The winter of 2006-07 was the first winter when a number of Chacala landladies became willing to rent by the month, at a seriously discounted rate. There are a number of lower-rent units available longer term in Chacala with monthly rents starting from about $300 USD a month and up. These units are with or without kitchens, cleaning and linen services, beach or ocean views, etc. At the higher end there are very nice units renting for from $USD1300
-1600 a month. These prices are for two-three-or-four month rentals during the winter months.

The best way to find an affordable monthly rental is to come here in early Fall to make arrangments. That's because many short-term visitors make reservations months ahead of time. Or contact me at

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